More church abuses

PGN Staff    August 16, 2018

This week, the report from the grand jury tasked with investigating allegations of sexual abuse at six Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses was released, detailing the wreckage wrought by more than 300...

Shots fired

    August 9, 2018

Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order Monday establishing the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, comprised of 40 unpaid leaders and allies from around the state who have an interest...

Tyranny of the minority

    August 2, 2018

We in Philadelphia live in a relatively progressive bubble compared with what’s happening in the vast majority of the country, where LGBTQ Americans are not protected from discrimination.

Mark My Words

Tariffs hurt journalism

Mark Segal    August 16, 2018

By now, with all his lying, you must be immune to Trump’s shrieks about fake news and know that publications like the New York Times and Washington Post, among others...

LGBT commission makes history — again

Mark Segal    August 9, 2018

History is repeating itself 42 years later. That’s where my thoughts were as Jason and I were on Amtrak on our way to a reception at the Governor’s Residence this...

Moving the needle

Mark Segal    August 2, 2018

CORRECTION: In the July 20-26 edition of my weekly column, the statement “Catholic Social Services … refused to consider a gay couple for fostering, turning them away simply for their...


Why inclusion matters at work

Lynn Merrilees    July 12, 2018

I came out almost 30 years ago to my family and friends. Personally, I have lived my life authentically as a gay woman in a remarkable and loving relationship for...

‘Leave Jane Shull alone’

Syreeta Dymond    April 5, 2018

Jane Shull at Philadelphia FIGHT doesn’t know me. She knew my brother Brett, though. Brett had a lot of challenges. He died in 2009 at 38 after spending most of the...

‘We need you to be counted’: Why data c…

Adrian Shanker and Chris Bartlett    March 30, 2018

 There is a funder who frequently says, “Without the data, the chatta don’t matta.” And you know what, they’re right.

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Advocating for our…

PGN Staff    June 14, 2017

Editor: We must urge Philadelphians and, by extension, Pennsylvanians, to support protecting LGBTQ+ students and our rights in the educational sphere. We have unique situations and experiences that our non-LGBTQ+ peers...

Letters: To mourn, or not to mourn, Just…

PGN Staff    February 25, 2016

Editor:  In February 2015, I had the unique opportunity to meet and talk with the late Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a man whose death earlier this month will have...

Letter: On Saul Ewing's partnership with…

PGN Staff    February 18, 2016

Timothy Cwiek’s article about Saul Ewing’s partnership with TLDEF’s Name Change Project on Feb. 4 did an excellent job of describing that program and the important need that it serves...

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