When is it time to forgive?

    December 13, 2018

Kevin Hart’s refusal to apologize for anti-LGBTQ tweets and jokes years ago cost him a job hosting the Oscars. The furor continues, with commentaries and opinion pieces demanding Hart apologize...

Is the pope a homophobe?

    December 6, 2018

LGBTQ Catholics and allies are reacting harshly to comments by Pope Francis in a forthcoming Spanish-language book about religious vocations. 

When will public health trump profit?

    November 29, 2018

The 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day takes place Dec. 1 with the slogan “Know your status.” In Philadelphia, several organizations are already working to ensure everyone has access to...

Mark My Words

To cis gender or not

Mark Segal    December 13, 2018

There’s “cis gender man” and the ever popular “cis gender woman,” not to be confused by “cis het.” There’s also “trans man” and “trans woman.”  Then there’s “fluid,” “gender queer,”...

The warriors fighting AIDS

Mark Segal    December 6, 2018

Last week for World AIDS Day, Penn Medicine honored me with its Red Ribbon Pioneer Award. Truth is, it really hadn’t dawned on me, why me?  When notified about it...

OK, Hallmark, where’s the LGBT romance m…

Mark Segal    November 29, 2018

The other night, Jason and I were attempting to relax after a long few days organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. But it was to no avail, since...


Your path to parenthood

Dr. Daniel Kaser    October 4, 2018

I tell friends I found two loves during medical school: My husband was the first and the field of infertility, my current specialty, was the second. It was clear...

Why inclusion matters at work

Lynn Merrilees    July 12, 2018

I came out almost 30 years ago to my family and friends. Personally, I have lived my life authentically as a gay woman in a remarkable and loving relationship for...

‘Leave Jane Shull alone’

Syreeta Dymond    April 5, 2018

Jane Shull at Philadelphia FIGHT doesn’t know me. She knew my brother Brett, though. Brett had a lot of challenges. He died in 2009 at 38 after spending most of the...

Letters to the Editor

Letters and Feedback

Kristen Demilio    November 8, 2018

In response to Jonathan Gilmore’s column “No, your father isn’t always right” (Nov. 2-8): I read with much dismay another example of seemingly simplistic and opinionated male-bashing. Disturbing to me is...

Letter to the Editor: Advocating for our…

PGN Staff    June 14, 2017

Editor: We must urge Philadelphians and, by extension, Pennsylvanians, to support protecting LGBTQ+ students and our rights in the educational sphere. We have unique situations and experiences that our non-LGBTQ+ peers...

Letters: To mourn, or not to mourn, Just…

PGN Staff    February 25, 2016

Editor:  In February 2015, I had the unique opportunity to meet and talk with the late Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a man whose death earlier this month will have...

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