Creep of the Week

You know, even though our country seems more divided than ever before, at least we can count on our elected leaders to respect the system of government that we’ve created and have been trying to get right for 240-some years. Key word is “trying” here. The United States actually has a super-ambitious system of governance that is based on admirable ideals. Unfortunately, we have yet to really live up to those ideals. There’s a lot of work to do! Thankfully, elected leaders, regardless of party, care deeply about democracy.

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OMG, you will never believe this but Peter LaBarbera is in jail.

Just kidding, kind of.

For those of you familiar with LaBarbera, the specter behind Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, you’d be forgiven for assuming that he was in jail for hate-criming someone — probably a transgender teenager wanting to attend prom or something.

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There is a group of about 4,000 people walking from Honduras toward the United States. Donald Trump and the Republicans would like you to believe this is an invading army. It isn’t. It’s by and large unarmed people fleeing violence and poverty. These are asylum seekers, not invaders. But, of course, to Republicans there is no difference.

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