Creep of the Week

“Let’s get this party started.” That’s how Brenton Harrison Tarrant kicked off his live-stream video of his massacre at the first of two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I want to say this: “It goes without saying that Tarrant is a vile person deserving of universal condemnation.” But I can’t. Because, in this world of ours, it sadly does not go without saying. There are plenty of people praising Tarrant and admiring his actions.

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Well, child sex abuse in the Catholic Church is in the news again and, gosh, wouldn’t you know it? The Catholic Church is trying to blame it on the gays. Again.

A Pennsylvania grand-jury report found sex abuse rampant in the Church, something everyone who has ever delved into the issue has also found to be true. According to the report, some 300 priests preyed on children for decades while church leaders turned a blind eye to the literal hell on earth they were allowing to fester.

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This week’s column comes to you from both the “But People Can Change” Department and the “Yeah, But No” Department.

Think back to whom you were as an undergrad in college. I’m going to make an educated guess and say that you were insufferable. Granted, you were probably the sexiest you’ve ever been, even though you ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days. But, you likely thought you knew everything. And that’s annoying.

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You know those online ads that promise, “One weird trick to lose belly fat” next to an image of, say, a crudely drawn banana? Even if you don’t know what exactly those ads are trying to communicate, you know not to click them.

But not Grandpa Robertson. And he didn’t even need to click to know it was trying to trick him into recognizing the “weird way” gays “do sex.”

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Oh, hey! Did you hear that in Kansas lawmakers are trying to establish the LGBTQ community as a religion? Or, more specifically, they’re trying to argue that LGBTQ people are actually secular humanists so that Kansas doesn’t have to recognize marriage equality anymore. Also, they’re contending that gay people aren’t black, I think.

I mean, the legislation includes the claims that, “There are no ex-blacks, but there are thousands of ex-gays” and “skin tone is genetic and sexual orientation is faith-based.”

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