Creep of the Week


As part of the liberal media, I have been working night and day to rig this election for Hillary Clinton and I am exhausted. And I know what you’re thinking: “D’Anne (as we are on a first-name basis), you’re not supposed to admit that! It’s all supposed to be done in secret.” But Donald Trump has exposed the plan, so the pussy is out of the bag.

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I just finished watching the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The expectations for her were very high. The expectations for him, not so much. What I witnessed was a man proving, unequivocally, that he is completely unqualified to hold any office, let alone the highest office in our country. It was, to use political-science terminology, a real shit show.

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LGBT people have heard the phrase, “Come out, come out, wherever you are” over and over again for decades now. The idea, of course, is that coming out of the closet is the only way to change hearts and minds about who and what LGBT people are. After all, it’s hard to hate, say, lesbians, if you find out that your favorite aunt or your sister or your favorite coworker is playing for Team Lez. You’ve got to at least take a step back and rethink all of the terrible assumptions you made and ideas you’ve had about lesbians, right?

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