Creep of the Week

Hello, gay and lesbian readers. I’d like to talk to you about your pathetic lives devoid of friends or family. It’s hard when the only way you know how to connect with other humans is to mash your identical genitals together. Which is why you’re probably reading this on your computer at home, alone with your cats or in a print copy of the paper you picked up to hide your giant erection as you wait by the restroom door at a gay club, hoping to make a new “friend.”

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Recently a friend of a friend posted a link on Facebook to an article in The Advocate about a woman being kicked out of a women’s restroom at Fishbone’s restaurant in Detroit because she looked like a man. She wasn’t a man. She was a cisgender woman with short hair who apparently liked comfy clothes. A security guard allegedly assaulted her, throwing her out onto the street.

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