Creep of the Week

Being in middle school is tough. Your body is going through often-mortifying changes: acne, body hair, growth spurts. Your hormones are raging. Kids are often relentlessly cruel to each other. You aren’t old enough to drive. Your parents are hopelessly lame.

Not to mention the active-shooter drills you have to go through on a routine basis because the U.S. can’t get its shit together when it comes to guns. It’s revolting that protecting children from being slaughtered in math class is a partisan issue in this country and that Republicans are on the side of the guns. But that’s where we are.

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Well, gay sex was decriminalized in India, so that’s great news. For those of you saying, “Well it’s about TIME, India!” I’d like to remind you that the U.S. didn’t decriminalize gay sex until 2003 (Lawrence v. Texas, holla!). We’re also still arguing about whether women can be in charge of their own bodies and whether black people’s lives actually matter. So, don’t give the U.S. too much credit here.

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