What is the PGN staff proud of this year?

What is the PGN staff proud of this year?

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Don: I’m proud of being with PGN for over 41 years, the success it’s been and how I’m doing more than ever to continue this success in these trying times for print media. 

Jen: I’m proud that so many Americans have refused to lose hope in the face of such national turmoil these past few months. I’m also so proud of the staff at PGN for weathering a lot of challenges and changes with determination and drive.

Jeremy: I started working at PGN the same week our president was elected. I’m proud that I have written so many stories about this man for the past eight months without crying. But on a more wholesome note, I am incredibly proud to be working alongside my amazing colleagues while getting to tell the stories of a typically voiceless community.

Kyle: I am proud of joining the PGN team. They’re a great new family!

Larry: I’m proud of any individuals who are angry and motivated enough to resist and/or remove sources of negativity from their day-to-day lives. Life is too short.

Mark: My pride is with this paper that you are currently reading. Starting almost 41 years ago with no funds and little experience, we have grown to one of the strongest LGBT media outlets in the nation, and our staff continues to push the line of journalism. That is why PGN is the most-awarded LGBT publication in the nation.

Prab: Having recently had an opportunity to chat with Franny Price (Philly Pride Organizer Extraordinaire), Tina Montgomery (Miss Philly LGBT Pride 2017) and Kimmel Center’s Amanda Conte (a straight ally of the LGBT community), I’m proud to live in a time and place where LGBT stories are shared publicly and productions like “Fun Home” connect LGBT experiences and narratives with a wider mainstream audience. 

Sandy: I’m proud of this community for staying positive and upbeat in the face of great resistance from the new federal government — and for continuing to resist bullshit on every level. Keep on keeping on! 

Scott: It’s difficult to pinpoint any single thing that I am most proud of; so much stuff I take in stride. If anything, I’m proud to say I’m not working 66 hours a week as often as I was so I have more freedom to do things that I want to do. Of course, I’m proud to be going to D.C. again this year for another Sigma Delta Chi Award! 

Sean: This is a tough year with a lot to be embarrassed about at a national level. I’m proud of neighbors and fellow Philadelphians standing up for what’s right when there has been so much wrong. Personally, I’m proud of myself for working on becoming better and more educated at my musical hobbies, being able to call myself a “real” jazz musician.

Tim: I’m proud of the younger generation. Their joie de vivre and innate sense of fairness help this senior writer avoid being jaded. They’re restoring my faith in humanity!

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