On love and marriage 

On love and marriage 

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PGN’s semi-annual Wedding Issue is among the staff favorites. We get the opportunity to hear local couples gush over the moment they decided to take the plunge, get a front-row seat to their wedding plans and be inspired by the challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome to get to that important moment. 

As always, the batch of couples who contacted PGN to share their happy news did not disappoint. They recounted stories of love at first sight, of serendipitous meetings, of love blossoming from friendship. No matter their beginnings, all the couples we interviewed offered insight on their keys to success and provided inspiration for those looking for love.

In a time when bad news seems to be everywhere, sometimes it’s these stories we should be focusing on. Even in this edition of PGN, we had to carry terrible news of loss and violence; the irony of the front page of our Wedding Issue featuring a story about a woman who allegedly killed her wife was not lost on us.

However, the juxtaposition may tell an important tale: Even amid negativity, there is good. In the past few months, the country has taken a dark turn to the extent that many Americans have never seen. Just this week, fears of nuclear war — fueled by an unstable leader — are spreading. Our country’s status as a global leader continues to be questioned, and divisions about basic issues like the tenets of American freedoms deepen by the day.

By the same token, life continues to go on. Despite the maelstrom that is America right now, our country continues to churn, our community continues to thrive and goodness continues to flourish. It’s undeniably easy to get bogged down by the bad news of the day; as people who work in the news industry, we unfortunately know this all too well. That’s why it’s important to make a point to find time in our day to focus on the positive, to make room in our news feed for noon-doom-and-gloom stories, to herald the progress that is still possible despite challenges. 

As we found this week, good news is definitely not at a premium; we just have to be open to seeking and celebrating it.


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