What are the holiday wishes of the PGN staff?

What are the holiday wishes of the PGN staff?

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Don: For Donald Trump to be impeached.

Jeremy: I hope to finally move to this beautiful city so I can be closer to its LGBT culture and amazing community events. It will also be great to no longer have a 90-minute commute to work!

Joe: Wish that all mankind inherits the gifts of love, friendship, good health and unity of country.

Kyle: My holiday wish is that Donald Trump gets impeached or, at the very least, stubs his toe.

Larry: A swift and crippling reckoning for every greedy bigoted corrupt politician in the country. If that is asking for too much, then a huge winning lottery ticket will do.

Mark: My holiday wish on a community level is unity — people starting to talk with each other rather than yelling. If we’re going to resist, we must unite. On the personal front, I’ve continued to learn the value of marriage, and the joy it brings into not only your life, but the lives of the people around you. 

Prab: Love, joy and continued success for both my PGN family and my biological one.

Sandy: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — sans any GOP influence.

Scott: My holiday wish (aside from the obvious; that starting next year #45 rots in jail) is to find time to go out and enjoy the lights, the music, the holiday displays and the joyous atmosphere in so many terrific places around Philadelphia. From Franklin Square to City Hall and from Boathouse Row to South Philly, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the festivities!

Sean: My holiday wish is for a life where my family is healthy and safe and I can continue to pursue creative interests. Also, Robert Mueller bringing several people in Washington, D.C., to justice might be nice.

Tim: I wish for renewed strength for the challenges that lie ahead and plenty of downtime with family and friends to recharge my batteries.

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