Our holiday wishes

Our holiday wishes

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Carol: There are a lot of things I wish for: world peace, no real-estate taxes, continued good health for me, family and friends and so on. But my biggest wish is to inherit a shopping mall, fully stocked of course. (I know, very materialistic, but it’s only a wish and it’s an honest wish.)

Don: I wish for peace for the families of the friends I have lost this year.

Greg: Continued health and happiness for my friends and family and a new direction for the country. Yes we can!

Jen: For health and happiness for my family and friends in the coming year, and I hope that we can all truly appreciate the gifts that we already have.

Kelly: My holiday wish is that Heidi and Spencer from “The Hills” get a divorce.

Larry: I would like to travel more, preferably outside of the country, because I generally find that well-traveled individuals are more informed, humble and less likely to be raging idiots. (Or, it very well could be that the places I’ve been to have fewer raging idiots per capita than the places where I normally hang out.)

Mark: That the nation has patience with the new Obama administration as it tries to undo the damage caused by the Bush administration. On the same note, that either Congress or the new president look into investigating the Bush administration with subpoena powers. But more importantly, a big thank-you to all of you who have supported PGN in the last year: May you have a healthy and successful year.

Nick: Good health and good fortune for everyone.

Sarah: More time to appreciate friends and family and the good things in my life.

Scott: I meet a lot of great guys only briefly when I’m out shooting for Scene In Philly. It would be great to get to know a guy over a coffee, dinner or a show. It’s not like I can’t be found in the PGN listings ...

Sean: That my daughter Nora Claire is born safe and healthy into a safe and healthy home.

Tim: I’m feeling lazy, so a self-cleaning house and an exercise machine that tones muscles without undue physical exertion.

As a PGN family, we wish for good health and recovery for Chris and Joel. Be well.

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