The summer hiatus for Pennsylvania’s House and Senate has come to an end. The General Assembly, the second-largest in the nation with 50 Senate members and 203 House of Representative members, is now in session.

Nizah Morris was a trans woman of color found with a fractured skull in 2002, shortly after receiving a “courtesy ride” from police. To date, her murder has not been solved. In April 2018, trans attorney Julie Chovanes filed a Right-to-Know request with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office for the release of all Morris-related records. So far, the DA’s office, under Larry Krasner, has refused to release the records.

Late last month, NFL veteran, Ryan Russell, came out as bisexual. The former Dallas Cowboy and Tampa Bay Buccaneer told CNN, “Once I finally felt ready to come out and felt ready to express who I was, I just felt a weight lifted. I became a better brother. I became a better son. I believe I’ll be a better teammate.”

Russell’s coming out is important to many in the bisexual community — a demographic up against erasure, hypersexualization, misrepresentation, misunderstanding and, of course, biphobia.

When the story of Maurice “Reese” Willoughby’s apparent death by suicide broke, all outlets pushed forward the same narrative: his death came as the result of bullying received for his relationship with a trans woman.

Details were updated, noting his experiences with addiction and domestic abuse reported by his partner, Faith Palmer, but not before Palmer’s identity was misused.

PGN has covered various court cases this year that mention the Civil Rights Act and whether it covers LGBTQ individuals. Most recently has been the case of Aimee Stephens, a trans woman who was fired from her job as a funeral director due to her transition.

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