With Trumpocalypse a few weeks away, it may be tempting to assume, rightfully so, that the new administration will be tone-deaf to progressive causes. However, we have to hang onto a glimmer of hope that someone — anyone — who has the ear of the president-elect and his top advisors will understand the reality that marginalizing LGBT Americans is not a smart move.

If you’re anything like us, your email was likely bombarded earlier this week for requests to contribute to “Giving Tuesday.” Countless nonprofit organizations across the country, including many LGBT agencies in our region, used the occasion to promote their work and encourage financial or other support.

Don: I’m thankful that I’ve made it through another year in reasonably good shape. At my age, that’s getting to be quite an accomplishment. 


As a PGN staffer made his way into work Wednesday morning, a man on a bicycle rode by and yelled, “Trump won. Fuck all you Latinos!”

On Tuesday, Americans will go to their respective polling places to cast their votes for the next leader of our country, who they think is best-suited to move our country forward.

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