For the first time in many years, Pride Month passed without a mention by the president of the United States.

As Pride Month comes to a close and Independence Day approaches, freedom has been a hot topic. While the word itself often signifies a fundamental, innate tenet upon which this nation was born, recent times have shown just how fluid of a concept freedom is.


We suspect that Tuesday night for progressive Georgians was akin to how more than half of America felt on Nov. 8, 2016. 

Don: I’m proud of being with PGN for over 41 years, the success it’s been and how I’m doing more than ever to continue this success in these trying times for print media. 

The negative repercussions from the election of Donald Trump have been reverberating around the world for more than six months. The Trump administration has turned Washington, D.C., into the reality star’s personal circus, and drastically altered the international perception of the United States as the leader of the free world.

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