The long-awaited Museum of the American Revolution opened its doors in Philadelphia this week. The multi-faceted venue walks visitors back in time to the founding of our country, providing an in-depth look at the people, places and ideas that laid the foundation for modern America. 

As we’ve seen in recent years, social media has the power to create tremendous change. With the click of a button, messages can reach millions. Social media can encourage and empower community involvement, reach marginalized populations and be a vital education tool. 

In our current political climate, progressives have been grabbing onto every crumb of good news like a life raft. This week, the LGBT community was dealt a colossal crumb. 

The voices of LGBT youth are among the most silent in our community. Even though their future is our future, the ideas and ideals of our youngest are often discounted, disregarded or dismissed.

Visibility is power. Conversely, invisibility is oppression — and that’s just what the Trump administration is seeking to do to LGBT Americans.

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