Don: I'm thankful for the stability this year has brought to my life: my husband, my PGN family, my cats and my home. After all, the secret to happiness is to surround yourself with the things you love! 

We live in an age where news that the president’s son communicated directly with what has been deemed a hostile foreign intelligence agency is just par for the course for a Monday night’s news cycle.

Many people in the LGBT community will agree that coming out is an intensely personal and individual process. As a community whose members have faced so many years of judgment and pushback, most LGBT people can get on board with the idea that no one should be pushed to come out until he or she is ready — or judged for the process that gets him or her to that point.


Legislation advanced this week that, if enacted, would reauthorize a program that provides essential health care for youth from low- and moderate-income families, as well as for pregnant women. The catch? It comes at the expense of trans youth.

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