We’re as weary of the 2016 presidential election as the next folks. And as much space as we’ve dedicated to the election in this editorial, we have to add just a bit more to underscore the urgency of the situation we’re facing.

Throngs of high-powered Republicans have come out against Donald Trump’s presidential bid, including both President Bushes. Trump has become aligned with the most divisive, most extreme, most conservative wing of the Republican Party, his name a rallying point for those who revere the American flag yet recoil at the rights and liberties it promises for all Americans.

Summer is now (unofficially) behind us, swept unceremoniously out last weekend by the non-materialized Hurricane Hermine. With the lazy hazy days of summer behind us, schools are getting back in session, legislatures are reconvening and the push to the next milestone, the end of the year, is on.

The effort to advance LGBT nondiscrimination in the state of Pennsylvania took a small, but long overdue, step this week.

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