One of the many advocates who began pushing for answers in the immediate aftermath of the 2002 homicide of Nizah Morris was then-Police Inspector Anthony Boyle.

“At this particular point, there are questions that I want answered,” Boyle told PGN reporter Tim Cwiek, who is still covering the case, in January 2003. “Maybe everything was done correctly, but maybe police could have looked harder.”

The city has resumed contracting with Bethany Christian Services for foster-care and adoption services after the agency agreed to comply with local law and not discriminate against LGBTQ couples wishing to participate in the program.

Religion is a protected class in American federal law, but gender/sexual identity is not. However, in Philadelphia, along with other municipal pockets across the state, antidiscrimination laws make LGBTQ people equal to everyone else. In other words, if a religious organization accepts city funds to fulfill contracts, members of that organization are not permitted to deny candidates who believe or live differently — in Philadelphia, at least.

To close out Pride month, three Congress members introduced a bipartisan, nonbinding resolution this week to highlight the economic firepower LGBT business owners bring to the American economy.

Suicide in the United States is on the rise — in some states, exponentially. Nationwide, suicide rates have risen by 25 percent from 1999 to 2016, according to a report from the CDC this month.

In the weeks ahead of Pride, organizers, participants and activists individually told PGN that this year, we would see more new and inclusive events.

We did.

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