In the last several weeks, LGBTQ people and issues have been spotlighted in many veins. Very often negatively as with the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender personnel in the military and the U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to immediately put a stop to it.

These last few weeks are not particularly special. But, even just in this week’s issue of PGN, articles and columns tell stories of all types of LGBTQ people being out, being proud and doing amazing things.

News came out last week that a record number of pro-LGBTQ bills were introduced in 2018, and that the prospects of many more states passing similar legislation in 2019 seems likely.

At a time when the LGBTQ community is under attack from many sides, we must remember this is not a new story. History must NOT be allowed to repeat itself in any way when it comes to entire groups of people being persecuted.

PGN has traditionally focused its coverage on local news, leaving the more national and international reaching stories to other newspapers. Sometimes, however, there are too many people and actions in all the nooks and crannies of Washington, D.C., threatening our community and PGN cannot stay silent.

In the past few weeks, there has been an amazing number of assaults on — and slaps in the face to — the LGBTQ community nationally. They must not be ignored.

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, first observed as an official federal holiday in 1986.

While most of you will be enjoying a respite from work, you may also want to take some time to reflect on the tolerance and inclusiveness for which Dr. King fought. Maybe even consider taking it a step further. Try to work through your own prejudices. And before you say, “I don’t have prejudices,” understand that everybody is a little bit racist — homophobic and innately biased.

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