The Pentagon announced this week that it will move forward with the plan to grant some support and benefits to same-sex partners of military members.

Many people were likely carefully checking news sites Wednesday to find out if the Boy Scouts of America were, as suggested, going to vote on whether to lift the organization’s blanket ban on gay Scouts and leaders — and were likely disappointed by yet another delay.

This weekend, the greatest confluence of the professional sports world and American commercialism — the Super Bowl — will return, presenting myriad opportunities for pro athletes to continue to use their influence for product sales.

President Obama has been at the forefront of a number of historic LGBT milestones in the past few years: when his administration vowed to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, when he announced his support for marriage equality and when his re-election made him the first-ever U.

Jodie Foster finally put to rest the rumors that have pursued for her decades — yes, she is single.

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