For those following the ongoing upheaval of this year’s Philadelphia Pride grand marshals, the last week has shown a lot of divisiveness in our community, and in some cases a lot of ugliness. But what it has also evinced is the desperate need for civil, inclusive conversation.

As we unofficially kick off summer this weekend, it’s about time for some good news.

A bill is making its way through the state legislature that could finally bring a small measure of justice to the untold numbers of people who have been victims of childhood sexual abuse. But now the question is, will that effort be threatened by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?

People with kids in their lives, or just those who are in touch with their own inner child, have probably seen the Disney hit “Frozen” more times than they can count. For the uninitiated, the animated flick tells the story of a pair of princesses, one of whom struggles to keep a special power under wraps from her sister and her kingdom. It’s a cute and empowering tale about being true to your identity, and puts a unique and modern spin on the archetypical Disney theme of a man coming to a damsel’s rescue.

When brainstorming for ideas for this week’s editorial, there was one idea that kept trumping the others: We’re feeling blue.

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