The LGBT community lost one of its pioneers this week, whose life and legacy left a lot of lessons for future generations.

If there’s one lesson that emerged in the last nine months of political turmoil, it’s the importance of recognizing intersectionality. LGBT issues impact women’s issues. Women’s issues impact racial-justice issues. Racial-justice issues impact immigration issues. All of these movements are intertwined, and all of them are being threatened. As such, all of them must work together.

It seems that every single time President Donald Trump has the opportunity to act “presidential,” he summarily mucks it up. Post-inauguration, when the country could have benefitted from genuine calls for unity? Trump was focused on the (dismal) size of his inauguration crowd. When terrorists attacked and murdered people in the streets of London? Trump tried to pick a Twitter fight with the mayor of London. When white supremacists marched on a Virginia city, killing a counter-protester? Trump equated the two groups of demonstrators in a staggering, seeming-defense of neo-Nazism. And now, as Hurricane Harvey continues to pound the Gulf Coast, leaving an untold number of Americans dead and displacing thousands in what could shape up to be the worst natural disaster in American history? Trump’s back again on his crowd size.

The appalling white nationalist violence in Virginia earlier this month, and our president’s unbearably terrible response, set off demonstrations by racial- and social-justice activists across the nation. Last week, thousands marched down Broad Street, with Philadelphians of every stripe and background together condemning white supremacy. Tens of thousands turned out Saturday in Boston to drown out the preaching of a group of racist demonstrators. Efforts are underway across the nation to remove vestiges of institutional racism, like Confederate flags and monuments to Confederate leaders.


The horrifying violence in Charlottesville, Va., has had significant reverberations throughout the country in the past few days. 

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