Last week, in yet another chapter of “Can the president be any worse?” we were greeted with the same hateful rhetoric that President Donald Trump has issued since his campaign. During a meeting at the White House Jan. 11, Trump allegedly balked at an immigration deal that would protect Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. The emerging deal would give legal status to immigrants who were illegally brought to the United States as children.

The 12th Street Gym has become beset with a series of issues — including sexual-assault allegations, fire-code violations and overall financial woes. The location has become a staple in the Gayborhood, but we can only hope justice is served for any allegations and that safety concerns are addressed appropriately.

As PGN goes to press, it has been 421 days since the 2016 presidential election. Members of the LGBT community and other marginalized groups remember the day after with dread. We cried many tears, shook our fists with anger and leaned on loved ones to get through the beginning of what was sure to be a challenging four years. 

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