We echoed the audible gasp in the U.S. House chambers Tuesday night when President Donald Trump announced the formation of an office to investigate crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. Trump punctuated this next step of immigration policy with theatrics that involved pointing out four people whose families were victims by undocumented individuals. 


Though nothing had been finalized as of presstime, the Trump administration this week was expected to issue guidance on the treatment of transgender and gender-conforming students — and, not surprisingly, the outcome is not anticipated to be good.

The shifts in our local LGBT community are somewhat of a microcosm of what’s happening on a national level right now. 

Amid the seemingly endless stream of bad news coming from Washington, D.C., this past week was a rumor that President Donald Trump was gearing up to add LGBT protections to the list of rights he’s attacking by executive order. After a flurry of tweets and news stories, the White House issued a carefully crafted statement that Trump was leaving in place President Obama’s 2014 executive order that banned federal contractors from discriminating because of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

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