PGN’s semi-annual Wedding Issue is among the staff favorites. We get the opportunity to hear local couples gush over the moment they decided to take the plunge, get a front-row seat to their wedding plans and be inspired by the challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome to get to that important moment. 

It’s easy to view President Donald Trump as a clownish caricature; however, no matter his level of blustering buffoonery, we can’t discount the effect his rhetoric is and will have on the country, and our community in particular. 

Wednesday morning’s outrageous announcement that President Donald Trump intends to close the doors of the military to transgender individuals shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

 This week’s PGN carries a story about a lesbian couple who was refused service at a bridal-dress shop in Pennsylvania.


July 1, 2017, could have been a historic day for transgender rights. The military was set to finalize its implementation of a rule allowing transgender members to enlist and serve openly. It was a day that was long overdue, and would have been the result of years of lobbying by community members, lawmakers and military officials.

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