The Pennsylvania primary is finally behind us. Whether your candidates won or lost, we can likely all agree that we can use a respite from the barrage of televised election commercials, fliers and social-media postings. Until the fall!

On the front page of this week’s issue is our slate of endorsed candidates for the April 26 Pennsylvania primary election. Our editorial team makes these endorsements after careful consideration of each candidate’s LGBT record and, in some races, their responses to our interview questions. With so many candidates with robustly pro-LGBT platforms, we had some tough decisions to make.

The staff at PGN breathed a big sigh of relief last week when we sent our commemorative 40th-anniversary issue to the printer. The 100-page special issue was quite an endeavor, one that took us about six months to piece together.

Carol: I would say PGN is my home away from home. As a straight Italian woman raised in South Philly by two very strict Italian-Sicilian parents, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be working in the LGBT community. I have learned so much working at PGN. First of all, I’ve embraced the community and consider myself part of an extended family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else and enjoying what I do. The staff is exceptional. We’re a close-knit family here at PGN and I love them all. Thank you for having me as part of your family.

North Carolina is in the midst of seeing one of the many prices of hate.

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