Summer is now (unofficially) behind us, swept unceremoniously out last weekend by the non-materialized Hurricane Hermine. With the lazy hazy days of summer behind us, schools are getting back in session, legislatures are reconvening and the push to the next milestone, the end of the year, is on.

The effort to advance LGBT nondiscrimination in the state of Pennsylvania took a small, but long overdue, step this week.

At colleges across the region this week, boxes are being unpacked, families are being hugged and dorm doors are being closed as thousands of students embark on their college careers.

The 2016 Olympic Games wrap up this weekend after a precedent-setting run for LGBT athletes. While the games made successful strides for LGBT visibility in sports, it wasn’t a development that came without pitfalls.

An important victory in the fight for LGBT equality in Pennsylvania was won this week — and the lack of pushback around it is another cause for celebration.

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