Don: I’m thankful that I’ve made it through another year in reasonably good shape. At my age, that’s getting to be quite an accomplishment. 


As a PGN staffer made his way into work Wednesday morning, a man on a bicycle rode by and yelled, “Trump won. Fuck all you Latinos!”

On Tuesday, Americans will go to their respective polling places to cast their votes for the next leader of our country, who they think is best-suited to move our country forward.

We’re just as excited as the next person for the 2016 election season to be behind us. While a good portion of that has to do with the unprecedented divisiveness fostered by the Republican nominee for president, there’s also a real cause for hope depending on the results of this election.

PGN has long been committed to providing the local LGBT community the news it needs — but also the news it wants. In that spirit, we recently launched a Reader Survey to gauge our readers’ opinions on what they hope to see in their community newspaper.

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