In this year’s mayoral race, it is easy to endorse the most pro-LGBT equality ally that this community has ever known, Jim Kenney.  Since arriving on the political stage when running for Philadelphia City Council in 1991, Jim Kenney was out front with his support for our equality. He was only one of four on City Council who initially sponsored domestic partnership legislation, when fellow councilman Michael Nutter refused to.  Then, he introduced the nation’s strongest LGBT rights law, and this week took another step forward by signing legislation for the trans community.  We strongly and proudly endorse Jim Kenney.

This week, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Edward C. Wright denied a request for records by trans attorney Julie Chovanas relating to the Nizah Morris case. During the hearing asking the Office of the District Attorney to release Morris’ records, Wright said, “We all have to live together in harmony in this city.”

This weekend held two events crucial to the local and regional LGBTQ community: OutFest and Philly Trans March. With different missions and intentions, both events bring together folks of our community and allow LGBTQ individuals to be the majority, rather than the minority, if only for a few hours.

This weekend’s 9th annual Philly Trans March will take to West Philly’s streets in the name of justice, equity and liberation. On Oct. 12 from 1-4 p.m. at Malcolm X Park, on 52nd and Pine streets, community members from Greater Philadelphia and beyond will gather to mourn, celebrate and demonstrate.

October is LGBTQ history month, which is very important to PGN. Each year, we work with LGBTQ-centered media outlets across the nation to provide diverse articles pertaining to our community’s history.

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