Letters to the Editor

 If we’re going to boycott another nation’s products for human rights abuses, how about Saudi Arabia? They aren’t exactly friends to LGBT people and are god awful to women, and they oppress the Shia minority within their own country. Let’s demand that our gas stations only stock locally made products.

And what about China and the way they’ve treated Tibetans and the Uighur people? Next time you go shopping, check the label and make sure the gizmo wasn’t produced in China.

— Martha Shelley

I was dismayed to see PGN Publisher Mark Segal’s recent opinion. The casual verbal cruelty and opacity of the interrogative title “Some Palestinians: Don’t forget to kill the homosexuals?” should have been questioned prior to publication.

Opportunity for genuine reporting on LGBTQ Palestinians as they seek their rights is available: www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/lbgtq-community-was-pas-scapegoat-week-whos-next.

I hope that in subsequent reporting your readers can gain appreciation of the struggles of LGBTQ Palestinians, a more useful course than criticizing the government they live under.

— Marta Guttenberg

Dear Editor:

For what my opinion is worth, I would not ask Brian Sims to resign.  I would be surprised if he has enough believers to get re-elected, assuming he would consider running for re-election.

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In response to Jonathan Gilmore’s column “No, your father isn’t always right” (Nov. 2-8):

I read with much dismay another example of seemingly simplistic and opinionated male-bashing. Disturbing to me is the fact that this diatribe came from a male perspective and under the banner “Critical Conversations.”

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We must urge Philadelphians and, by extension, Pennsylvanians, to support protecting LGBTQ+ students and our rights in the educational sphere. We have unique situations and experiences that our non-LGBTQ+ peers face, including excessive bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation and/or gender, known or perceived; this treatment prevents a significant sector of America’s youth from reaching our full potential and making the most out of the education available to us.

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Timothy Cwiek’s article about Saul Ewing’s partnership with TLDEF’s Name Change Project on Feb. 4 did an excellent job of describing that program and the important need that it serves. We have a long way to go before the needs of low-income transgender individuals are met, and every effort to meet those needs is welcome.

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I am deeply worried about Michael George (R) being elected to one of the three vacancies on the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. I write as a victim of a violent crime in Adams County, Pa., that occurred in May 1988.

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The cover is overall stark, but arresting. The model, with flowing brown tresses, is sitting somewhat uncomfortably on a barely seen stool, looking directly at the camera. She wearing a white satin body shaper. Behind her, fogged metallic walls pick up her blurred reflection.

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