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Dear Editor:

As a non-Philadelphian, I read the story of yet another community nonprofit looted by its executive director (“Former COLOURS exec gets jail time,” Feb. 26-March 4) with a heavy sigh of recognition. Yet again.

But the report was a disappointment. The article crammed in a string of defenses of this individual from her lawyer, her partner and her sibling and concluded with boilerplate from the organization she stole from.

Missing was any comment from members of the community undermined and damaged by her actions. How many donors were turned off forever by finding out that their funds went to someone’s dog grooming and plastic surgery? How many people did not get services they needed because this person decided to siphon the funds provided for that purpose into her own (designer) pocketbook?

Also missing was any critical reporting on the organization she left behind. Perhaps you have printed this in previous editions, but I was waiting for some comment on how this sort of grand larceny could have occurred under the noses of its board of directors.

Without someone asking these tough questions, PGN’s report is a mere platform for the defense of the indefensible.

Tim Frasca New York City

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