Obama was best choice; Warren, not so much

Obama was best choice; Warren, not so much

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Like David Nelson [Letters, Jan. 9-15], I applaud the good work Rick and Kay Warren are doing against HIV/AIDS. And I agree that AIDS is a gay community issue. But I wonder if they would be so involved if it were “just” a gay issue. They have not spoken out in favor of any other issue that is of importance to our community. And Rick Warren is terrible on the issues of women’s reproductive freedom and stem-cell research. In fact, his values aren’t far from Baby Bush’s.

Yes, I know, President Obama has said he is not for same-sex marriage, but none of the candidates (including Hillary) had the gumption to come out for same-sex marriage. When the choice came down to Obama and Sen. McCain (who was a staunch Bush supporter), it was a no-brainer. However, Obama just needs a dose or two of activism (one march on Washington, D.C., didn’t keep Clinton honest). We must keep our eyes on Obama and the Democrats!

Jean Carminati Philadelphia

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