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Regarding “Ten years later: Robert Drake” Jan. 30-Feb. 5:

I came to your Web site tonight via my Facebook account. On your homepage was this link to the story of Mr. Drake. I read it and was overcome with compassion. It was beautifully written and a great example of how people can succeed in the face of extreme adversity. It sounds as if he is creating a new story for his life, one filled with hope rather than hate.

I am coming from the perspective of a lesbian, a woman who is currently in a grad school program for occupational therapy (as a second career), and someone new to Philly and its LGBT scene. Thus, I believe in the power of community, in the benefit of empowering people, in therapy and in trusting what’s to come.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Drake’s message. I won’t be able to attend his luncheon, but please know that I am there in spirit.

— Kim Gana

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