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Mayor Pete’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for president certainly is the surprise of this election cycle.  He’s riding an amazing wave, which in some polls has him winning the first contest of the season, the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 3.  His candidacy shines a bright light on our community since he’s an out gay man.  Whether he wins or loses, his campaign is victorious for LGBT people, as it brings visibility.

Like me, I'm sure you're beginning to think about the holidays. The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime are already running holiday romance movies 24/7. This year, not only do they have holiday movies for the Black community, they even have one that has a Jewish storyline. Wonder if they have a Chanukah bush? These new movies are an attempt to be diverse and inclusive.

You most likely think the headline is a mistake, but I assure you it’s not. Let’s face some interesting facts. McConnell is a politician, and every politician likes power, some for good and some for their own interest. McConnell, or as he’s known in his home state of Kentucky “Moscow Mitch,” likes power, and he’s about to be one of the most powerful men in America in just a few short weeks — all thanks to impeachment.

Have you ever thought about combining politics and a hobby with community service, and at the same time being a cog in the wheel that could bring us all equality? Well, here’s how you can do just that.

If I was a national political pundit, this week would be a bonanza for comment.  What about Trump de’dumbly (trademark) telling America that he’s bringing our troops home, while at the same time sending 3,000 of our service members to his good friends in Saudi Arabia. And what about him allowing Russia to partner with Turkey to take control in Syria and telling our troops to move out fast.

There are so many issues I’d love to touch on in this week’s column: The LGBT Presidential Town Hall held by CNN, family leave for LGBT couples, Log Cabin Republicans, foreign aid and even violence against our community.  That’s quite a list, but I’m lucky because one country gives me the ability to address every single one of these issues: Uganda. The country’s Members of Parliament are pushing for “Kill the Gays” legislation.

Spilled blood over the May Democratic primary between LGBT rivals seems to have cast a shadow over this November's election for LGBT voters, as Sherri Cohen runs as the only OUT LGBT person for City Council after a lengthy legal battle to get on the ballot as an Independent.   

There isn’t one, that we know of.  Those being investigated during Trump’s impeachment inquiry are not LGBTQ, as far as we know, and most are one-man, one-woman conservative Republicans.  All or most are opposed to marriage equality and the Equality Act, as well as trans rights.

Now the fun part.

Did you know there’s a jail in the basement in The Capitol?  It hasn’t been used since the 1930s, but it’s for those who have been found in contempt of Congress.

This week, we learned that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lied about being on that infamous phone call with the Ukrainian President.  Attorney General William Barr has been implicated in obstruction of justice.  Both and their staff members will be called to Congress as will be the looney-tune Rudy Giuliani.  This time if they refuse to testify or turn over documents, Congress can get a federal judge to compel them, and if they don’t, Congress can send U.S. Marshals to take them to that jail in the basement of the Capitol. This is not far fetched. I expect it to be used at least once to make a point that Congress is not going to roll over.

Now, most likely it will not be a big name whose taken to jail, since both Barr and Pompeo have Secret Service protection, and that would create a standoff between the Secret Service and U.S. Marshals.  But those not under protection, not an employee of the federal government and therefore not able to use the term “presidential privilege” — watch out and pack your toothbrush. 

The homophobic Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles J. Chaput — a major conservative critic of Pope Francis and leniency in the Catholic church’s LGBT positions — is about to retire.  His record is not decent, from his days in Denver to his time in Philadelphia.  Along the way, he’s proven to have no heart.

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