That’s what you do for family

That’s what you do for family

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This week, as I anticipated a trip and knew I had unfinished business to attend to, I awoke at 5 a.m. 

I’m not a fan of mornings and 5 a.m. is not a time I usually see, but I was awake and getting back to bed was not an option.

Once the coffee kicked in and the TV blared with the latest Trump drama, I sat at my computer and began to think about this past weekend, when Jason’s parents held a sort of mini-family reunion. 

Two months ago, I wrote that Jason’s parents would be moving from Maryland to the city and would be living a few blocks away from us so we could help out. Many of you were kind enough to ask how it’s been going and, after this weekend, I can say it’s going really well.

They have now been here for about five weeks. With their quick move, they needed some adjusting and, for us, it was a guessing game of when they needed our attention or when they wanted privacy.

We’re still working all of that out, but what I can say is that both of them are individually impressive. This leads to great conversations and it is sheer joy to watch them venture out in their new city on their own. Sometimes, they even tell us about a restaurant we never heard of.

The pride they took in showing their new lives to their family last weekend and their pride in Jason was wonderful. Seeing his family express how impressed they were with Jason’s organizing ability was mesmerizing. But the line that surprised me was when his uncle thanked me and I responded, “That’s what you do for family.”

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