You are the reason Mayor Pete is successful

You are the reason Mayor Pete is successful

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Mayor Pete, the out gay man running for president has had a couple of challenging weeks.  But this comes after him riding a wave of successful polls in the first caucus state, Iowa. Being at the top of the field opens you to more scrutiny by the other candidates and by the media. That’s the problem with a spotlight.

This candidacy, no matter where it goes, has been historical and shows promise for Buttigieg’s future; it might even point out where we are as a community.

When looking at the promise of equality, we shouldn’t look at it state by state because we want those in red states to have an opportunity to feel real equality.  Therefore, we look at it with a national view.

In national polls thus far, Mayor Pete seems to be hovering in the 7-9 percent area. That figure fascinates and excites me.  The bottom line isn’t about Mayor Pete, it’s about all of you who have fought for equality over the last few decades.


You made his race happen.  It could not happen without you.  He is able to be visible, out and proud due to those of you who were just that decades ago. We don’t know where his campaign will go, but we do know why it’s possible. 

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