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Mark Segal, PGN publisher, is the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media. You can follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at


Zola is pure joy. That's the answer I give every time someone asks, "How's your puppy, by the way?" All dogs, in my eyes, will always be puppies. Zola is now two years old, and she hasn't slowed down, but Jason and I, as her parents, have learned certain traits of French bulldogs.

Like many, as the year ends, I usually take a look at what kind of year it has been. For me, 2019 was the year of Stonewall 50 and celebrating 50 years as an activist for change. This year turned out to be the busiest of my life, and thanks to you, it gave me an opportunity to take stock of not only the year, but my life as well.

Mayor Pete, the out gay man running for president has had a couple of challenging weeks.  But this comes after him riding a wave of successful polls in the first caucus state, Iowa. Being at the top of the field opens you to more scrutiny by the other candidates and by the media. That’s the problem with a spotlight.

Mayor Pete’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for president certainly is the surprise of this election cycle.  He’s riding an amazing wave, which in some polls has him winning the first contest of the season, the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 3.  His candidacy shines a bright light on our community since he’s an out gay man.  Whether he wins or loses, his campaign is victorious for LGBT people, as it brings visibility.

Like me, I'm sure you're beginning to think about the holidays. The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime are already running holiday romance movies 24/7. This year, not only do they have holiday movies for the Black community, they even have one that has a Jewish storyline. Wonder if they have a Chanukah bush? These new movies are an attempt to be diverse and inclusive.

You most likely think the headline is a mistake, but I assure you it’s not. Let’s face some interesting facts. McConnell is a politician, and every politician likes power, some for good and some for their own interest. McConnell, or as he’s known in his home state of Kentucky “Moscow Mitch,” likes power, and he’s about to be one of the most powerful men in America in just a few short weeks — all thanks to impeachment.

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