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In less than a month, this newspaper will celebrate its 40th anniversary. That’s really something when you consider there are only two other LGBT publications in the nation that can make a similar statement.

Nate Silver of The New York Times’ “FiveThirtyEight” website, and the most accurate of political pundits, attempted this week to bring sanity to the presidential race after this past Super Tuesday’s presidential primaries, with Donald Trump winning big on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton taking the Democratic side.

As stated in this column months ago, before Dumpty Trump made his infamous and racist remark about Muslims, we should not look at him as a joke. Well, most did and now we’re at a point where he has the best shot at the Republican nomination for president.  

OK liberals, the Republicans, in their “wisdom,” have said they won’t consider President Obama’s nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. By taking such an approach, the GOP has handed liberals a golden opportunity — and shown their absolute stupidity, as they trip all over each other to enter the clown car and be the first to utter their obstructionism.

There seems to be yet another controversy in our community this week. The issue du jour is over HuffPost changing its dedicated LGBT site’s name from “GayVoices” to “QueerVoices.” While there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue, when I heard about it, it brought a smile to my face. 

Finally, the Iowa caucuses have come and gone and with them come the pundits and candidates with their spin. But what about the LGBT spin? Let’s look at what those races meant and maybe do a little crystal-ball predicting.

When I was a boy of 13, my grandmother took me to my first civil-rights demonstration to teach me about racism and social justice. She knew those issues well: Our family fled from the pogroms in Russia, others in our family perished in the Holocaust and Grandmom even fought for women’s rights.

I’ve often shared emails I receive with you, and one that came in last week remarkably represents how far we have traveled on that road to LGBT equality (yes, that was a plug for my book!). But this is by far one of the most endearing emails I’ve received.

What a year, and what a ride. As we all do, I’m beginning to look back at my year. And for me, it certainly was a special year, one in which I learned a lot. Let me share with you some of the lessons I took from 2015.

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