Street Talk

What impact has technology had on the LGBTQ-plus community?

Sophia Holmquist
she/her | Oreland, PA
“I think that social media has really allowed a lot of LGBTQ people to connect with each other a lot more easily than they might have in the past. I know I personally, have made some LGBTQ friends that don’t live close to me, but I still have that connection with them, and I found a lot of self-discovery through the internet which really helped me come to terms with who I am when I might not have been able to in the past.”
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How do you think the Trump administration has influenced peoples’ perceptions of LGBTQ folks?

Heart Brashear
she/her | West Philly
“I feel his administration has made the opinions probably more binary and that the people who already have negative feelings toward LGBTQ people feel more confidence to express them or feel them because this administration is not supportive and then the resistance is also being fired up because there is this hate that’s out there.”
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What does the 50th anniversary of Stonewall mean to you?

Dalyla Baker
she/her | West Philadelphia
“That’s history, but that’s not textbook history. It’s something a lot more meaningful, especially to people who have been chastised and beaten down for a long time just for being ourselves. As a black transwoman, it means a lot to me because it was a black transwoman that led this whole thing. It’s times like this that I feel really empowered.”
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How did you celebrate Pride this year?

Steven Bryson
He/Him | Girard Estate
“When I got off of work the Odunde Festival was going on, so I walked through that and then met up with two of my friends. It was great to see everyone I hadn’t seen in a while. We went to Tabu eventually — the rooftop, you couldn’t move. That was fun. We just celebrated.”
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Have you ever been bullied?

Pat Capaldo
retired | Queen Village
“No, thank goodness. But I’ve seen a lot of it. A member of my family was intimidated by a bunch of mean girls in her school. You know how teenage girls can be. They didn’t want her to be part of their clique and made her feel uncomfortable. She definitely was bullied.”
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Who is your favorite LGBT icon and why?

Jude Nesmith
student | Philadelphia
“Harrison Browne, the first professional team-sport athlete to come out as trans. He won two championships with his teams, retired, and now he’s transitioned and is an advocate for other trans people.”
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