What should Michelle Obama do after the White House?

What should Michelle Obama do after the White House?

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Marie Brooks
maintenance engineer | South Philadelphia
“I’d like her to run for president, but she won’t do that. So I’d like her to host a TV show. She’s a very classy lady, and a great role model for everyone. I’d watch her all day long.”

Aly Castle
visitor-services assistant | Queen Village
“Michelle Obama is very well-spoken and caring. She should continue advocating for basic human rights. They’re so important, in light of the incoming [Trump] administration.”

Thomas Gartner
student | Bella Vista
“Help define the new directions of the Democratic Party. I think Michelle Obama has a lot to offer. She has the ability to galvanize support for future Democratic candidates.”

Mia Waters
secretary | Overbrook
“Stick with her nutritional program. I think it’s a wonderful program. She’s raising awareness about child obesity. That should continue because it creates a healthy country.”

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