What LGBT achievement is most at risk under a Trump presidency?

What LGBT achievement is most at risk under a Trump presidency?

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Allie McCausland
project analyst | Bella Vista
“Lifting the bans on conversion therapy throughout the country. His vice president has already shown an interest in doing that. I’m also concerned Trump won’t be supportive of trans people using restrooms appropriate to their gender identity. That issue is definitely going to come up again.”

Marc Pearce
urban planner | Paris
“The military is probably one place Trump will make changes. All LGBT people in the military will be at risk, not just the transgender community. Even if Trump doesn’t implement an outright ban [on LGBT service members], he could create an atmosphere where they’re treated less favorably.”

Zane Watson
canvasser | Manhattan
“I’m specifically worried about trans safety and access to trans health care. Trump’s whole campaign was based on hate. I’m concerned there will be a drastic increase in hate crimes against queer and trans people, especially trans people of color.”

Henry Webb
salesperson | Point Breeze
“[Same-sex] marriage will be the first to go. Then, all the rights that flow from marriage will go. And Trump will get rid of trans health care. There won’t be any government-paid sex-change surgery. And no government-paid hormones. People will be on their own.”

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