What's the best way to oppose Trump's anti-Muslim ban?

What's the best way to oppose Trump's anti-Muslim ban?

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Jordan Anderson
store manager | Spring Garden
"I'd urge people to continue protesting at airports. I'm very opposed to Trump's ban.Anything that raises more awareness is good, but the key is to keep it peaceful and lawful."

Carole Breslin
salesperson | Merchantville, N.J.
"I think the best way is to organize a mass email blast. Shut down the White House email servers. That will get Trump's attention. My family comes from Ireland. I have a great respect for immigrants."

Mark Knight
playwright/actor | West Powelton
"People should do whatever is best for them. I'm absolutely against Trump's ban. I encourage more people to run for office, at any level. The only way to oppose power is to get power. Protesting is fine, but getting power is what works."

William McKinlay
writer | Northeast Philadelphia
"Don't bother with Congress. They don't work for the people. Calling their office wouldn't do anything. Find their donor list and call those people. Tell them to fund the politicians who will vote to end Trump's ban."

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