Should President Trump be blamed for the increase in hate crimes?

Should President Trump be blamed for the increase in hate crimes?

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Jasmine Clark
development consultant | Elkins Park
“No. If someone wants to commit a hate crime, they’re going to do it, regardless of who’s president. If you’re a bad person, you’re going to be a bad person. Trump is a people pleaser. He says what his base wants to hear. I hold him accountable for a lack of scruples, but he hasn’t gone out and shot anyone.”

Carly Cubit
facilitator | Center City
“Yes. I’m married to an Iranian immigrant. [Trump’s] created an atmosphere that’s stressful for us. President Trump has caused a lot of trouble in my marriage. Trump hasn’t directly committed a hate crime, to my knowledge, but the atmosphere of hate he’s created causes hate crimes to occur.”

Hoofar Pourzand
aerospace engineer | Center City
“No, it’s not for me to accuse Trump of hate crimes. But he says he’s a leader; he should accept responsibility for the hate crimes taking place during his administration. He should verbally condemn all forms of hate. Then, he should put people in his administration to help move the country in a better direction.”

Terrence Walsh
barrista | South Philadelphia
“Yes, I think Trump’s policies are directly causing an increase in hate crimes. I hold him responsible for them. He’s appealing to people’s worst instincts, unfortunately. I just wish he would change him tune. Though I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.”

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