Should gun control be on the LGBT community's agenda?

Should gun control be on the LGBT community's agenda?

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Ivan Aquino
data collector | Statesboro, Ga.
“Yes. But gun control should include arming yourself against violence. People doing nothing are getting shot down. Orlando is a perfect example. A lot of violence is aimed at the LGBT community. I think the LGBT community should arm themselves.”

Marie Carroll
teaching assistant | Statesboro, Ga.
“Yes. If you don’t have life, you don’t have any civil rights. So I think it’s fine if the LGBT community takes on gun control. That doesn’t mean they ignore other issues. But they can add gun control to their agenda.”

Michael Harrington
student | West Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s an issue the LGBT community should embrace. I hope the LGBT community can reach out to other groups and form coalitions. It’s always good to make allies. The effort could benefit both public safety and LGBT rights.”

Zach Siravo
illustrator | Northern Liberties
“No. The LGBT community has enough on their plates right now. Trump will keep them plenty busy. They don’t need another cause to tackle. Other groups are in a better position to deal with gun-control issues.”

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