What's your favorite outdoor activity in the spring?

What's your favorite outdoor activity in the spring?

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Antonio Bumarch
dog walker | Port Richmond
"Bicycle riding. It keeps me active without becoming a fitness freak. It helps me interact with nature. I'll ride to the park or the waterfront. It's also good exercise. I definitely feel it in my legs afterwards."

Tyler Jones
student | Fishtown
"Going to Penn Treaty Park with my dogs. It's a great way for us to socialize with the regulars. I'm never at a loss for company there. You can have casual friendships without commitment. My dogs love the place. They bug me on a daily basis until we go."

Mikayla McCauliff
student | Boston, Mass.
"Hiking, mostly in the mountains. It's very peaceful and a good way to connect with nature. I've been trying to get into meditation lately. I find hiking helps with that."

Najada Merdani
spa director | Gayborhood
"Hanging out in Rittenhouse Square. It's a beautiful park and there's great diversity of people. It's an easy way to strike up conversations and meet new people. But I also see a lot of old friends there, and catch up on all the news."

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