Should D.A. Seth Williams resign from office?

Should D.A. Seth Williams resign from office?

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Reanna Bowman
dog walker | South Philadelphia
"No, he has a right to a trial. Let him stay in office during this interlude before trial. My understand-ing is that's the normal procedure. Why make an exception for Seth Williams?"

Aaron Major
student | Wilmington, Del.
"No, let the case play out. When there's finality to his situation, then a decision can be made. But for now, let him stay where he is. He was elected to do a job."

Shariff Gene
student | North Philadelphia
"Yes. He's in a very sensitive position as a prosecutor. He needs to step down. It makes a mockery of our judicial system for him to be in office. The nature of the charges cast doubt on his decision-making."

Timm Steiner
computer operator | Chesapeake, Md.
"No, he deserves due process. If he's not guilty, then there's no problem. If he's guilty, kick him out of there. But it's a fundamental American right for everyone to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise."

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