Should the Pulse massacre be commemorated on a postage stamp?

Should the Pulse massacre be commemorated on a postage stamp?

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Krystal Brackett
retail manager | Pennsport
"Yes. The LGBT community has very few honors at the federal level. It would be wonderful to have a stamp. Pulse was a national tragedy of epic proportions. A stamp is good, in my book. And if it gives Donald Trump a kick in the ass, I'm all for it."

Michael Cooper
student | Burlington Twp., N.J.
"Yes. That's the least the government can do. The incident shouldn't be taken lightly. People were massacred. A postage stamp is a way of reminding us of something that should never happen again."

Marilyn Hughes
jeweler | Bella Vista
"No. It sounds a bit morbid and negative. I'd rather see the LGBT community presented in a more positive light. The event was horrifically sad. My heart goes out to the victims. But I don't think a stamp is the way to go."

Jamie Osman
program developer | Queen Village
"No. A stamp would trivialize the incident. It seems a little insensitive to the victims. Think of all the mail that ends up in a shredder. An event that significant shouldn't be subjected to so easily being thrown away. There are other ways to honor the victims."

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