What's your opinion about repealing Obamacare?

What's your opinion about repealing Obamacare?

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Christopher Lowe
bartender | Gayborhood
"I'm worried that people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be able to afford health care because their premiums will increase. I'm also firmly opposed to any maximum lifetime benefit. If we're going to have an insurance system, you can't tell someone: ‘Sorry, your life is too expensive. You don't have health insurance anymore.’”

Daniel Diestelow
mechanical specialist | Palm Beach, Fla.
"I would hope that anything the Republicans come up with would be suitable for as many people as possible. Health care for all is very important. Our society does better when people don't slip through the cracks. There's less homelessness, violence and mental-health issues when a good [health-care] system in place."

Saumel Chiron
marketing coordinator | Bella Vista
"I'm on Medicaid. My central concern is access to health care for all people. And I'm very concerned that culturally sensitive care for LGBTQ folks may be further compromised under the new [Trump] administration."

Jennifer Susi
mammogram technologist | Palm Beach, Fla.
"Obamacare has its problems. But I don't know that the Republicans will pass something better. They should make health care affordable and accessible for everyone. Fortunately, I work at a hospital and have good health-care coverage. But I feel for those who don't."

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