Will you read Caitlyn Jenner's new book?

Will you read Caitlyn Jenner's new book?

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Joseph Ament
account manager | Seattle, Wash.
“I'll read excerpts of it online but I'm not going to read the entire book. I usually don't read biographies. I'm more interested in fiction. I do think Caitlyn Jenner did a very brave thing, and it's great to have her as a spokesperson for the community. This is a time when the community needs a strong voice.”

Lily Black
medical student | Gayborhood
“Yes, I plan to read it. I’m a medical student and very busy. But I find her story to be compelling. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with her political views. But being in the medical field, I’d like to be informed of her story.”

Eric Gonzalez
nurse | Rittenhouse Square
“No. I don't like her. I don't like what she stands for. And I don't think the Kardashians are LGBTQ-friendly. It's a very negative family. Why would I want to include them in my life?”

Ricky Teter
student | Chinatown
“I'll get the book out of the library but I won't necessarily buy it. I admire Caitlyn Jenner for going public but I don't have her on a pedestal. She's had a lot of advantages in life. There are many people who've gone through more difficulties.”

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