How will you commemorate the Pulse shooting on the first anniversary?

How will you commemorate the Pulse shooting on the first anniversary?

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Ellie Belcheff
marketing intern | West Philadelphia
"I'll make a point of going online to GoFundMe or some other website to see how I can contribute financially to a victims' fund. I'll also post the information on my Facebook page and encourage friends to donate to the Pulse victims and their families."

Izzy Hamm
Reiki practitioner/yoga instructor | South Philadelphia
"I'm a Reiki practitioner. I'll make sure when I treat someone on June 12 that the treatment is in honor of the Pulse victims. I may even do a treatment on myself. It sends forth healing energy."

James Lincoln
plumber | West Philadelphia
"I'll wear my black shirt with a rainbow flag on it. I also plan to do a specific outreach to my friends who were affected by the tragedy. I have a trans friend from Orlando who was deeply affected. They knew three victims personally."

Jessica Plaza
actor/writer | West Hollywood, Calif.
"As a bisexual woman, I pray for the victims on a regular basis. I think about Pulse quite frequently. On the anniversary, I'll have a social gathering with friends. Names of the victims will be mentioned. And there will be a moment of silence in their memory."

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