Should Kathy Griffin have been fired from her CNN New Year's gig?

Should Kathy Griffin have been fired from her CNN New Year's gig?

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Lanica Angpak
youth-program coordinator | Queen Village
"No. What she did wasn't such a big deal. Similar parodies have been done on Obama, without the same outcry. I feel compassion for her. Her punishment was too extreme. People have done worse and not gotten fired."

Katie Bouchard
nurse | Society Hill
"No. I think she should have her show. One mistake shouldn't ruin your entire career. I don't condone what she did; I find what she did to be disagreeable. But I'd like to see her continue to do well in her career. I've always liked her."

Helen McKean
teacher | South Philadelphia
"No. I don't like that she used blood in her skit, but still, it falls within the range of freedom of speech. If you fire Kathy Griffin, that makes censorship more of a possibility in America. I'm a big supporter of freedom of expression."

Krista Stapf
server | South Philadelphia
"No. She didn't need to be fired. I generally like her. What she did was awful, but why deprive her fans of her CNN show? There could have been less-drastic punishment for her."


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