What would you say to Ivanka Trump if you could have lunch with her?

What would you say to Ivanka Trump if you could have lunch with her?

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Hanani Brooks
prep chef | Queen Village
"It's very screwed-up that your father won't let transgender people in the military. I know some queens who can fight viciously. They would defend our country to the hilt. Your dad needs a reality check. He's living in La-La Land."

Daniel Burgan
barrista | South Philadelphia
"Bigotry has no place in our country. Trans people aren't radioactive. It doesn't look good when your father lies in public. And get him to the nearest gay hairstylist. His hair is horrendous."

Mark Gaines
store manager | Queen Village
"How does it feel being a woman in America today? Your father is against women and minorities. Please talk some sense into him. This country is supposed to be the land of the free — a melting pot. Your father is taking the flame from under the melting pot and making it cold."

Amanda Hamil
barrista | West Philadelphia
"Have your father visit West Philly. I want to meet with him in Malcolm X Park. I will assemble a group of LGBT people who will give him a new worldview. Your father's current worldview is totally antiquated."


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