Should President Trump have attended Heather Heyer's funeral?

Should President Trump have attended Heather Heyer's funeral?

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Jonathan Burton
executive director | Washington Square West
"No, because clearly the family did not want him there. I don't believe he has sympathy for the young lady. His presence would have been phony and diminished the occasion."

Claire Cos
sales manager | South Philadelphia
"No. It would have been like rubbing salt in the wounds. The family needed their own space to grieve as they wished."

Anthony Delcorio
barber | San Francisco
"Yes. It would have been a nice gesture on his part. President Trump carries so much clout. I think it would have been somewhat soothing to the family. It's a shame he didn't attend."

John O’Boyle
student | Spring Garden
"No. I'm glad he stayed away. When he opens his mouth, he makes everything worse. The family didn't invite him. If President Trump was a compassion-ate person, it would be a different situation."

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