What should happen to the statue of former Mayor Frank L. Rizzo?

What should happen to the statue of former Mayor Frank L. Rizzo?

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Brycen Beam
barrista/dog walker | West Philadelphia
"The location is problematic. He wasn't very welcoming to every walk of life, so being in front of the Municipal Services Building isn't appropriate. He denied so many people city services when he was mayor. The statue should be junked, in order to make a stand with those he denied."

Akia Feggans
social worker | Sharon Hill
"It has to go. Rizzo was very derisive of the African-American community, and he was a racist. He represented brutality. If we want to come together as a city, we need to stop honoring people who didn't give fair treatment to all citizens."

Stella Gassaway
designer | Old City
"It shouldn't be in a place of such prominence. I really think it should be scrapped. A lot of people want to damage that statue. Maybe as a compromise, it could be moved to the police headquarters, where it would be protected."

Carlos Sanchez
student | North Philadelphia
"Let it alone. It doesn't bother me. Leave it be. Why make a problem when there isn't one? There are a lot more important issues in the world to be worried about than a Rizzo statue."

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