What would be a fitting way for Philadelphia to honor Edie Windsor?

What would be a fitting way for Philadelphia to honor Edie Windsor?

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Anthony Hillanbrand
student | South Philadelphia
"She could get a street named after her. There's a lot of streets in Philly that nobody cares about; you could replace the current name of the street with her name. Nobody would complain. Naming a street for her would be fitting. She fought for an important cause."

Bernadette Karpf
retail assistant | South Philadelphia
"Hold a candlelight vigil at Thomas Paine Plaza. Edie Windsor fought so hard for equality. That's the least we can do, to honor her legacy. Everyone should wear black. It's a time of mourning. Candles should line the plaza. This should be done immediately, if not sooner."

Alessandra Mercedes
photographer | Gayborhood
"A mural should be painted for her in a prominent location, where everybody would see it. The mural should be in the Gayborhood, for obvious reasons. A narrative should appear at the bottom of the mural, giving a summary of her wonderful achievements."

Dayanora Vega
student | South Philadelphia
"Replace the Rizzo statue with a statue for Edie Windsor. She did something to help the world. Most of my friends are gay, and they feel left out. She fought to change that. They really appreciate what she did, and so do I."

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