Should Ellen DeGeneres host President Trump on her talk show?

Should Ellen DeGeneres host President Trump on her talk show?

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Heidi Cannon
artist | Northern Liberties
"I'd like to see it, in the hopes of Ellen roasting President Trump. She has a way of being extremely real with people. I'm confident that she'd be able to put him in his place."

Marina Perez
hostess | South Philadelphia
"No. He doesn't need any more attention. I don't think he's worthy of being on that show. There's a lot of other people who deserve to be on that talk show rather than Trump. There aren't enough hours in the day for his BS."

Timothy Krawiec
window tinter | South Philadelphia
"I'd like to see him on the show. Ellen could present courageous accounta-bility. She could hold Trump's feet to the fire in a respectful way. She wouldn't be afraid to hold him accountable. The American people deserve accountability from our president."

Christopher Freitag
EMT | South Philadelphia
"Yes, because she'd be able to show his true colors. Ellen's viewers would be able to see truly what an idiot Trump is. She can do it in a respectful manner. That way, she doesn't open herself up to criticism from Trump's supporters."

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