Could you enjoy a Kevin Spacey movie?

Could you enjoy a Kevin Spacey movie?

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Richard Champagne
barber | North Philadelphia
"Yes. In no way, shape or form do I condone child molestation, but there hasn't been a trial for Kevin Spacey. It's not etched in stone that he's guilty. I go to a movie for its entertainment value. I don't judge the personal lives of actors in a movie. It's not my duty to judge Kevin Spacey."

David Kiralfy
server | South Philadelphia
"It would depend on the movie. The allegations don't have me feeling good about him. I'd have second thoughts before watching one of his movies but, if I really wanted to see the movie, the allegations wouldn't stop me from seeing it."

Dorothy Decker
travel agent | Coventry, R.I.
"No. I love him as an actor. He's very, very talented. It's so sad he's tied up in this situation but, in good conscience, I cannot go to one of his movies or watch him on television."

Joseph Wilson
chef | Graduate Hospital
"Yes. He's still a good actor. I like the way he performs in his movies. I'm aware of the allegations against him but they may not be true. It could all be a fabrication. They won't stop me from watching his movies."

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