What holiday gift would you like to give President Trump?

What holiday gift would you like to give President Trump?

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Michelle Bowman
information specialist | Kensington
"A copy of the Constitution on audio-cassette. He's too dumb or lazy to read it but if he would only listen to it, maybe he'll learn something. He doesn't seem to know the first thing about the Constitution."

Tobias Makowski
student | Bryn Mawr
"A scrapbook of all the campaign promises Trump made, contrasted with clips of what he's actually done this past year. Maybe it will slap him in the face about his hypocrisy and failures. He's gone back on almost all of his campaign promises. Now he's doing shit that he didn't promise and nobody wants."

Melannie Taylor
student | Gayborhood
"An American history book. Trump says he wants to make America great again but it's never been great. This country has a rich history of violence, racism and homophobia. Trump needs to recognize that fact."

Zachary Westerfer
sales agent | Roxborough
"A copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate. Trump seems to have a problem giving Obama credit for anything. Also, a box of saltpeter. He needs to stop treating women as sex objects."

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