What was the top LGBT story for 2017?

What was the top LGBT story for 2017?

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Corey Brooker
information tech specialist | Mount Airy
"Trump's ban on transgender people in the military. I'm really inspired by the strength of the opposition to Trump's bigotry. Even though he's attempting to do something reprehensible, the courts and the populace are rejecting his scheme. I find that very encouraging."

Isabella Jayme
student | Bella Vista
"The record number of trans women of color who've been murdered. The lack of attention to these crimes has been appalling, disheartening and very concerning. I fervently hope that more people will take notice and that justice will be achieved."

Jeremy Kaplan
Realtor | Fishtown
"Germany, Australia and Malta all approved same-sex marriages. I was very impressed. It restored my faith in humanity. There's been so much negativity lately. But those countries proved that good things can still happen, despite the political climate in our country."

Martha Schlatter
educator | Mount Airy
"Philadelphia adding [black and] brown stripe[s] to the city's rainbow flag. I'm always hopeful when intersection-ality is elevated. It made me ever prouder to be a Philadelphian. It's a point of pride for Philadelphia to be the first city to do that."

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