Would you attend a White House party while Trump is in office?

Would you attend a White House party while Trump is in office?

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Leah Allyson
yoga teacher | Fitler Square
"Yes, I would. I'm always interested in engaging with people with whom I disagree. I would go and try to have a conversation with Trump. I heard he's very charismatic. I'd ask him if he'd consider having a conversation with people of differing opinions."

Jaycine Durnell
store manager | Antique Row
"No. It would be too uncomfort-able for me to be in the same room with Trump. He stands for the opposite of everything I believe in. He perpetuates hate, which I find [to be] extremely unacceptable. He doesn't care about people; he cares about money."

Lily Groot
student | Rittenhouse Square
"No. It doesn't appeal to me. I don't like the government. Anyone who would choose Mike Pence as vice president doesn't deserve my time. I have better things to do."

Devon Migeot
cook | South Philadelphia
"No. I don't support Trump. And I wouldn't want to give the impression that I do. I've never been to the White House. And I'd like to visit it someday. But not while Trump is in office."

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