Should Congress investigate President Trump for sexual misconduct?

Should Congress investigate President Trump for sexual misconduct?

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Charles Goodema
plumber | Fishtown
“No. I give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Let him do his job. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him in 2020. Meanwhile, get out of his way and let him be president.”

Tess Leitz
student | South Philadelphia
"Yes. I think Trump is really gross. I believe his accusers. I definitely think Trump did it. He's using his power to abuse people. And he's getting away with murder. That's gross to me."

Brian Mitchell
plumber | Fishtown
“No. Leave him alone. He’s not your typical politician. Hillary is much more corrupt. I think Trump could be decent. I haven’t seen evidence [to the contrary]. And I don’t believe everything I read in the papers.”

Andrew Oneglia
student | Harrisburg
“Yes. Congress is investigating everyone else who’s been accused of wrongdoing. Just because Trump is president, [it] doesn’t give him a free pass. I’m keeping an open mind. But his behavior is definitely something that should be looked into.”

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